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Circus and Clown Training

The 2002 training program is coming to a close, and will be presenting a final performance season.

Tues October 8 and Thurs October 10, 8pm

The students on this year's Circus and Clown training have been a particularly vibrant crew, from all corners of the globe, and they will be exploring new performance material in two shows at Playspace Studio, 18a Enmore Rd, Newtown, Sydney.

Be early to beat the crowds. There is no charge for these performances, as they are part of the learning process, so leave your expectations at home, and come and enjoy the experience.

Training at Playspace is unique, because of the emphasis we place on performance, as well as the blending of acting techniques and physical circus training, and our passion for a more open and irreverent form of clown than some of the more traditional schools.

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last updated 6th October 2002

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