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This is our Frequently Asked Questions page about eBooks. It is in the early stages of construction, so if your question is not answered here, why not email it to us, so we can add it to this page next time we update it. e-Mail us at epublish[at]artmedia[dot]com[dot]au

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bulletWhat is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic file, designed to be read on one of a range of viewing platforms, such as a computer, PDA, pocket PC, or a dedicated eBook reader.

bulletWhat are some eBook formats?

The majority of eBooks come in one of two formats, either as a Adobe Acrobat PDF, or in the Microsoft Reader .lit format. Both Adobe and Microsoft give away the readers, so they can sell the software for making the eBooks to the publishers. If you want to download either of these readers you can find the links on our electronic publishing links page.

bulletWhat's involved in creating an eBook?

To create an eBook you need to use the software for the relevant file format, or get an electronic publisher to do it for you. You can find a list of links to electronic publishers on our links page, as well as some software vendors.

bulletWhat is electronic publishing?

Electronic publishing is any file produced and distributed to a reader through the internet, and so this includes web sites, eBooks, as well as software, music and video files, as well as Print on Demand.

bulletWhat is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is the latest revolution in the printed book, where the file for the book is stored electronically, and one copy of the book is printed for each order, and posted to the buyer. This removes the stock and distribution costs in normal print publishing.

bulletHow do you stop someone stealing it?

Basically you can't, all attemps with restrictive Digital Rights Management systems appear to have strangled that part of the industry, where as those sections that have embraced piracy as a new promotional avenue, have prospered, however the jury is still out on this.

bulletAre eBooks actually selling?

Contrary to public perception, eBook sales continued their strong growth into the third quarter of 2003, according to data released late last year by the Open eBook Forum (OeBF), the eBook industry trade and standards organization ( www.openebook.org  ).

Total units sold for the first three quarters of 2003 (Jan - Sept) surpassed one million for the first time in a single year and were up 64% over the third quarter figures for 2002. Revenues reported by retailers for the third quarter of 2003 were up 37% over the same period in 2002. These figures were compiled from data submitted by 30 of the world's leading eBook publishers and retailers.

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