Phoebe Manning's solo clown show, the Meaning of Life is a light hearted look at work, adventure and love, involving audience participation, clown, music, dance and acro-balance.

The Meaning of Life was developed two years ago at Playspace in Sydney. Phoebe trained in Clown at Playspace Studio in Newtown for two years, and taught clown at the Australian Theatre for Young People, and at Playspace. She has a bachelor of arts, majoring in Drama, and a Graduate Diploma in Education from Queensland University of Technology.  

The show was performed  thoughout Sydney during 2001. Now resident in Brisbane, Phoebe has been training with Vulcana Women's Circus, and performing in cabaret events. She has also facilitated drama workshops and productions for differently-abled people.

Staging Requirements:

The show runs for twenty five minutes, and can be performed in an open environment or indoors with a height of 4 meters.


Please take the time to view the two minute realmedia video above. (If you see nothing, you will need to download the realmedia player to your computer, before this video will play. To do this click here, and follow the links to the free version )

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