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Physical News 2011

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November 2011

   Circus Training with Britain's Academy of Circus Arts, UK

   'Modern Clown' Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, NZ

   Para-theatrical Workshops with Dzieci, San Francisco & New York

Artmedia Feature Films:
Butterfly Crush
   True Believers
   Angels Can Fly

Crisis Support for Entertainers, Entertainment Assist, Australia
   Blind Date, a performance experience, Big One Little One, Australia
   Volunteer Performers for Woodford Folk Festival, QLD, Australia
   Physical Theatre Summer Intensive, Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane, Australia
   Open Auditions for Experienced Dancers, DV8, New York City, US
   Seeking Performers for Project by Jonathan VanDyke, Toronto, Canada
   Solo Performance Workshop with Ivo Dimchev, Montréal, Canada
   Commedia dell' Arte Workshop & Festival, Teatro Punto, Amsterdam
   Weekend Workshops, Nomadic Academy of Fools, Lincolnshire, UK
   The Comical Body Workshop, Atelier fur physisches Theatre, Berlin
   Clown Masterclass, Nouveau Clown Institute, Barcelona, Spain
   Cirque du Soleil Auditions, Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town, South Africa


Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2011

  Physical Theatre Training with Total Theatre, Perth, Australia

  'Modern Clown' Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, NZ

  Clown & Physical Comedy, Clare Bartholomew & Derek Ives, Aust
  Juggling With Finesse - A workshop with Kit Summers, Melbourne
  Panto Damascus - One Clown's Alphabet, Martin Ewen, NZ/USA
  Feature Film Butterfly Crush Receives Awards, NZ/Aust/USA

NZ School of Dance Auditions for 2012, Wellington, New Zealand
  Puppet Actors Required for Tour, The Dinosaur Show, Australia
  Call for Volunteers at the Sydney Fringe Festival, Australia
  Hula Hoop Workshop with Jewelz A Hoopz, Sydney, Australia
  Seeking New Members for Canberra Playback Theatre, Australia
  Auditions for Puppeteer & Black Female Performer, Oily Cart, UK
  Seeking Aerial Instructor, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, USA
  Admissions Workshop for Training at Hèlikos, Hèlikos School, Italy

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - May 2011

     Roving Classical Commedia University* Summer Intensive, USA 

     'Modern Clown' Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, NZ

   Bachelor of Performing Arts in Circus Arts and Physical Theatre, NZ
   Third Way Theatre - Joking Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop, Aus

   3-Day Dance Teaching Workshop, NZ School of Dance, Wellington
   Sydney Fringe Festival, Open for Submissions, Australia  
   Internship/Volunteer Opportunity, Newtown Theatre, Sydney, Aus
   Passing Fancy Annual Juggling Convention, Melbourne, Australia
   Medieval Jester/Juggler Wanted for Event, Sydney, Australia
   3-Day Comedifest Comedy Conference, Portland, Oregon, US
   Physics of Play Workshop, Clowns Without Borders, NYC, US
   Clown Workshop with Clara Cenoz and Jon Davison, Mallorca, Spain
   Commedia dell'Arte Weekend Workshop, Teatro Punto, Amsterdam
   8th SOLyCIRCO Festival, Circus Mignon, Island of Sylt, Germany
   Commedia dell'Arte Workshop with Mina Tinaburri, APT, Berlin, Ger 

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - March 2011

    Scuola Internazionale di Creazione Teatrale HELIKOS, Florence, Italy

     3-Week Clown Summer School with Alan Clay, Wanganui, NZ

   Bodyweather 3-Day Intensive with Tess De Quincey, Sydney, Aus

   Dance Workshop with Michael Parmenter, DANZ, Christchurch, NZ
   2-day Juggling/Performance Intensives with Kit Summers, Aus/NZ
   Winter Stomp 2-Week Course, Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane, Australia
   Discounted Tickets to Joel Salom, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Aus
   Aerial Dance Company Auditions, The Cabiri, Seattle, USA
   Circus Workshop Weekend, New England Center for Circus Arts, USA
   Workshop of Performing Arts with Pablo Ibarluzea, YINdeYAN Teatro, Spain
   Improvisation/Spontaneity Workshop with Johnny Melville, Barcelona, Spain


Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - February 2011

    Workshops and Festivals, Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy 

   March Clown Retreat with Alan Clay, Wanganui, New Zealand
   3-Week Clown Summer School, Jan 2012, Wanganui, NZ

    Academy of the Impossible with Philippe Genty Company, France 
    Total Theatre 3-Month Physical Theatre Course, Western Australia

   Urgently Seeking Living Statues for Dunedin Fringe Festival, New Zealand
   'How to Register' events for Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes 2012, Aus     
   Auditions for aerialists, Air Born Aerial Arts, Fayetteville, NC, USA
   Family Entertainers Contest, Ogden Fun Days Summer Festival, USA   
   Call for Submissions, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden
   Minifest International Summer School for Street Arts, Cumbria, UK
   Professional Dance Classes with DV8 Physical Theatre, London, UK
   Seminar on Performing Arts Touring, Nouveau Clown Institute, Spain


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