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Physical News 2002

Welcome to the News section of Artmedia Publishing. We are building a community of interest in contemporary Australian and New Zealand Literary & Performing Arts. Go up to the Artmedia home page, to check out the full range of books and theatre available on this site. We also publish a quarterly e-publishing newsletter, which you may also like to explore.




On this page you will find links to issues of the Artmedia monthly physical theatre newsletter. You can either click on the button for any month, browse the index below, or use the site search tool for specific information. Check out the newsletter from other years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.

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December 02

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - December, 2002

National Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, Australia

Love and Chaos and the Meaning of Life, Queensland Tour
Alan Clay, US and Canada Training and Performance Tour

3rd International Mime & Physical Theater Festival, Caribbean
Angry Mime Summer School, & Woodford Festival, Queensland
Santa Fe Training Project, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
TV2 International LAUGH! Festival, April - May 03, NZ
Instructional videos on Circus Artistry and Sports Acrobatics

Theatre de L'ange Fou - London International Mime Festival
Insurance Bulk Buying Scheme, NSW, Australia

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November 02

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November, 2002

Clown Masterclass - at the Lab, Sydney, Australia
US and Canada Training and Performance Tour

Female Performing Arts Festival 'Cirkus Prinsessan', Sweden
'A Nose of Her Own' - Women Clown Project, Australia.
2003 World Buskers Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand
PromoFest - Promotion Workshop, Massachusetts, USA
Roving HIV AIDS Clown Project, Guatemala

Fellowship sought to run a youth theatre in Mexico

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October 02

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - October, 2002

18th Hawaiian Juggling Festival - February 2003

'Big Clown Performances' this week - Oct 8 and 10
Clown Masterclass Earlybird deadline - Oct 15
US and Canada Training and Performance Tour, 2003

The Business presents 'The Concert' at the Melbourne Fringe
'Unbearable Lightness of Fleeing', Sydney Carnivale Festival
Applications for the 2003 Orlando Fringe, Florida, USA
Dell'Arte Abroad Workshop Program in Bali, Indonesia

Desperately Seeking Will Francis, a travelling acrobat?
Acrobat group in Ghana looking for a contracts
NaNa's one woman show, 'Divine Comedy'
US/Brazilian Mime and verbal narrative tour of Australia?


September 02

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - September, 2002

Australian National Institute of Circus Arts - Auditions
18th Hawaiian Juggling Festival - Feb 11 to 18, 2003, USA
Scoping Study for the Australian performing arts industry
Greek Tragedy - B Sharp & the Theatron Group, Sydney

Clown Performances - Oct 8, 10, Sydney
Sydney Clown Masterclass - earlybird deadline
Playspace Australian training tour 03
US and Canada training and Performance tour 03

Theatre of the Oppressed, Creation of International Body, Europe
Finding the Body, Feeding the Soul - Melbourne, Australia
Stamping Ground Dance Festival, NSW, Australia
Contortion training places in Connecticut? USA


August 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - August 2002

Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre Show, "Big in Japan"

Summer Clown Masterclass - 2003 US Training Tour

Performing Arts Education Center, Hawaii
MotionFest East - Professional Development Conference, USA
'A Life in Her Day' from New York to the Melbourne Fringe
Touch Compass Dance Company, Aotea Centre, Auckland, NZ
Prompt Theatre presents 'The Flats', Sydney, Australia
'The Ape Man' Evening Classes, Melbourne, Australia
Seeking Bodyworkers, from London to Alice Springs, Australia
Stageplays - on-line Catalogue of Plays & Theatre Books


July 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - July 2002

Impromptu Theatrix - New Physical Theatre term, Roselle, Sydney
Circus Unique Seeks Aerial and Acrobatic Circus Artist, Sydney

Circus and Clown Training starts July 30 - Masterclass Nov 23

Introduction to Rigging Course - Melbourne, Australia
Dance Coordinator appointed for Auckland, New Zealand
Collection of antique magic and electronic magic effects, USA
Hammerklavier - Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival, UK
2nd Mime and Physical Theater Festival in the Caribbean
Standstill Theatre feedback from the Pennabilli Festival, Italy


June 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - June 2002

Playspace Circus and Clown Training - Sydney

Feature: 'Believers in Love' American Reviews

Artisti in Piazza Festival in Pennabilli, Itally
Biomechanics work demonstration - Mime Centrum Berlin
Impromptu Theatrix - performance training, Sydney, Australia
Cecil Street Studio, Winter Improv Feast, Melbourne, Australia
Cuckoo collective seeks performance art, Auckland, New Zealand
International Urban Street Arts Conference, Barcelona, Spain
'Arts de Carrer' Prize for Busker Artists, Barcelona
Call for participants, Balloon Festival, Qingdao China
Alternative Academy - Mostar, Bosnia


May 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - May 2002

Playspace Studio, Masterclasses, Circus and Clown


Believers in Love reviews - 'A Journey of Self-discovery'

Overview of European Festivals starting in June 2002
1st Auckland Festival in 20 years - Jan 03 - New Zealand
Salzburg seeks Brilliant Cabaret Performances - Austria

Norman Foote's Vancouver Street Characters tour of OZ?


April 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - April 2002

Playspace Clown Masterclasses - Sydney, Australia

International Ibsen Conference & Festival - Bangladesh

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre - California
Workshops 2002 at Mimecentrum.de - Berlin, Germany
Movement To Performance - call for performers - Finland
Contact Improvisation - 3 day intensive - Byron Bay

The Choreographic Centre - Canberra - Artist Residency


March 02

Artmedia - physical theatre news - March 2002

Academy of Circus Arts - England

Annie Stainer's 'Total Theatre' School - Perth, Australia
Playspace: Circus & Clown training - Sydney, Australia

Adelaide Fringe is going through the roof, to March 16
Second Caribbean Mime and Physical Theatre Festival
AtHOME festival 2002: the art of collaboration - Canada
Call for works - Performance Studies, New York University
Der aktuellen Ausschreibungen im kultnet.de, Germany
Keith Johnstone - Improv Masterclass, Auckland, NZ
Spectacle, A Quarterly Journal of the Circus Arts

Theatre-in-education programme, Melbourne


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