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On this page you will find links to issues of the Artmedia monthly physical theatre newsletter. You can either click on the button for any month, browse the index below, or use the site search tool for specific information. Check out the newsletter from other years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002.

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Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - December 2005

  Performers Wanted for Melbourne Chain of Venues, Aust

  Clown Intensive 2006 earlybird deadline, Sydney, Aust

  Senate Committee Response to Sedition Provisions, Aust

  Wellington Circus Trust - Summer Circus Workshops, NZ
  Street Performers for a Four Day Festival in Nelson, NZ
  Heavenly Burlesque Performance Cabaret, Wellington, NZ
  Post Holiday Aerial Boot Camp, Chicago, USA
  Applications, 15th Annual San Francisco Fringe, USA
  Kingston Buskers Festival, Applications called, Canada
  Call for Circus Artists, Friction Arts, West Midlands, UK
  8 Circus Artists sought, the Generating Company - London
  5th International Theatre & Education Conference, Athens
  4th High Fest International Theatre Festival, Armenia

  Gigs in New Zealand, January to March, New Zealand
  Set of Five Aluminum Rolla Bollas for Sale, Australia
  Trusteeship at The Circus Space, Hoxton, London, UK
  HorsLesMurs, Street Arts and Circus Arts Network, Europe

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - November 2005

  CircoArts: It's Showtime, Christchurch, New Zealand

  Clown Intensive 2006 price buster deadline, Sydney

Special Feature:
  Total Theatre School of Physical Theatre, Perth, WA

  Support Freedom of Expression of the Arts in Australia

  Call for Artists, International Comedy Festival, NZ
  International Level Circus Teacher Required, Cambodia
  Minneapolis Bullwhip Academy, USA
  Street Performers, interPLAY Festival, Alberta, Canada
  Call for Acts, Brighton Festival Fringe, UK
  Call for Artists, FRESH, a new-work platform, UK
  Dissensemble seek Performers with Devising Skills, UK
  Call for European Residencies for Young Artists, EU
  Group Moitara Workshop in Theatrical Mask, Brazil

  Unicycle France Aerial Rig for Sale, Sydney, Australia
  Seeking Clowns who Play the Musical Saw? USA
  Let's Go Science Seeks Agent Down Under? USA

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - October 2005

  Arts Hub, Essential Accessory for all Arts Professionals

  Devising A Clown Show, New Workshop Dates, Sydney
  Weekend Clown Workshop, Earlybird Deadline this Week

Special Feature:
  Judy Carter Comedy Workshops, Melbourne & Sydney

  Adelaide Fringe, Australia's Largest Open-Access Festival
  1st Circus Convention of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende
  Boulder Circus Center & Lazer Vaudeville News, USA
  Red Nose Relief, Rallying to the Aftermath of Katrina, USA
  Physical Comedy Workshop with David Shiner, New York
  Welfare State International, seeks Creative Director, UK
  Zephyr In Zanussi seek Daring Dancers & Performers, UK
  Training Program with SU-EN Butoh Company, Sweden
  Clown Courses, Alex Navarro & Caroline Dream, Spain

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - September 2005

  CircoArts, Shaping Ambition, Christchurch, New Zealand

  Clown Masterclasses, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia
  Devising Your Clown Show, new workshop, Sydney

  Angels Can Fly, Brisbane Writers Festival Launch
  Catapult Youth Arts Festival, Bathurst, NSW
  Camp America Cultural Exchange Programme, USA

Special Feature:
   Disneyland, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Casting in Australia

  Auckland & Hamilton Buskers Festivals, New Zealand
  Belconnen Markets Buskers Festival, Canberra, Australia
  Applause Street Theatre & Buskers Festival, Albury NSW
  ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival, 2008, Adelaide
  San Francisco Clown Conservatory Student Show, USA
  Contortion International, Circus & Dancers agency, Canada
  Jonathan Kay's Theatre Company of Fools audition, UK

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - August 2005

  New DVD Release, Free Angels Can Fly DVD Offer

Special Report:
  ICKL Conference, Laban Movement Analysis, London

  Clown Masterclasses, Sydney and Brisbane

  Bill Coleman, Comedy, Action, Stilt Performing, USA

  Centre, Presence, Play, Drop In Training, Melbourne
  Let's Play seeks South East Asian Trainers, Pakistan
  The SideShow Gathering 2005, Wilkes-Barre, USA
  The Boston Babydolls Auditions, Cambridge, USA
  Call for Physical Comedy Performers, Portland, USA
  Hawoth Arts Festival seeks Headline Act, UK

  Production Manager, Commissioned Theatre, Victoria
  Chris Molineux to move to Melbourne from Canada
  Performers with Circus/Acrobatic/Gymnastic Skills, UK

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - July 2005

  CircoArts, New Zealand's Circus Skills Tertiary Provider

  Australian Clown Masterclasses, Sydney and Brisbane

  Angels Can Fly to debue at the Brisbane Writers Festival

Special Feature:
  Noosa International Street Performers Festival, QLD

  Stamping Ground Festival Choreographic Competition, NSW
  Celebration Barn Summer Workshops, Maine, USA
  Clown Workshop, Giovanni Fusetti. Boulder Colorado, USA
  The Magdalena Project International Forum, Wales, UK
  Gerry Flanagan's Clown Summer School, London, UK
  International Director's Laboratory, Kiev, Ukraine

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - June 2005

  Arts Hub the Essential Accessory for Arts Professionals

  Clown Workshop with Alan Clay, Lausanne, Switzerland

  Angels Can Fly, Sydney Library Launch, Australia
  Kim Potter - Award Winning Comedy Circus Shows

  New Zealand International Comedy Festival, NZ
  Putting On An Act 05, Call for Performances, Perth
  Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, Singapore
  Flying Trapeze Classes and Workshops, USA
  From MotionFest to MiniFest! Reisterstown, USA
  The Merce Street Arts Festival, Barcelona, Spain
  1st International Festival of Making Theater, Athens
  SoGood Entertainment Seeks Acts, Shanghai, China

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - May 2005

  CircoArts, Circus Training in Christchurch, New Zealand

  Angels Can Fly Workshops, NZ, Aust, UK, Switzerland

  Dell'Arte Summer Workshops, California and Denmark
  Physical Comedy Workshop, Alex Pinder, Melbourne
  Angels Can Fly, NZ, Australian, and UK launch dates

  The Great Clown Debate, ACAPTA Conference Report

  Clown Workshop with the New York Goofs, Ottawa
  The International Festival of Animated Objects, Canada
  Roving Classical Commedia University, New York, USA
  Circus Space Seeks Youth Programme Manager, UK
  New River Festival Seeks Acts, Enfield Town, UK,

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - April 2005

  ACAPTA Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, Geelong

  Clown & Physical Theatre Workshop, Gisborne, New Zealand

  The Creative Gym Physical Theatre Workshops, Brisbane
  Total Theatre, Annie Stainer's Physical Theatre School, Perth
  Clown & Physical Comedy, Clare Bartholomew, Melbourne
  Deep Clown, Advanced Performance Intensive, Vancouver
  Angels Can Fly, Book Launch Events in New Zealand

  The Great Clown Debate, Conference Backgrounder

  Expressions of Interest sought for 2005 Melbourne Fringe
  The Soubrettes seek Cabaret & Variety Acts, Melbourne
  Workshop with Canadian Director David Diamond, Melbourne
  Contact Improvisation, a National Gathering, Byron Bay
  The Catskill Festival of New Theatre seeks Acts, NY, USA
  Call for Artists for 'Experimenta 7 Teatro', Argentina

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - February 2005

  National Circus and Physical Theatre Conference, Australia

  5 day Clown Intensive with Alan Clay, Sydney, Australia

  Major Act Wanted for Festival on the Green, Sydney
  'Atmo' the Mime to Tour New Zealand and Australia
  New 'Angels can Fly' Anecdotes Posted on Blog

  Tasmanian Circus Festival, Australia
  Dell'Arte Abroad: Mask, Shadow Puppetry, Dance, Bali
  Circus Magic Entertainer's Convention, Williamsburg, USA
  Commedia Dell' Arte Course, New York, USA
  Auditions, Cirque Sublime, Toronto, Canada
  Voodoo Vaudeville seeks Performers, Brighton, UK
  Street Performers for Doha Asian Games 2006, Qatar

  Showtech Rigging Courses, Melbourne, Australia
  World Clowns Symposium, Weston-super-Mare, England
  Performer and Venue Manager, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  Circus Development Officer - South Yorkshire, UK

Artmedia - Physical Theatre News - January 2005

  Circelation, leading Circus Laboratory Programme, UK

  Sydney Clown Intensive with Alan Clay, Australia
  Angels can Fly Clown Anecdotes Posted on Blog

Special Feature:
  Launch: Circa Training 2005 - Brisbane, Australia

  Superbuffo Awards 2005, Web and Prop Awards
  New Zealand Juggling Festival, Paekakariki, NZ

  Aust Council Restructures: New Media Arts Wasted

  Dracula Triumphant Production Auditions, Sydney
  Clowns Canada's Convention, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  San Francisco Clown Conservatorium News, USA
  Palco Aperto - Open Stage, International Festival, Italy
  World Congress of Laughter Festival, Barcelona, Spain
  International Theatre Festival Applications, Armenia

  Circus Arts Consultant, NSW Education Dept, Australia
  “The Guy Who” A Collection of Silent Movies on DVD
  Pontefract Liquorice Fest, Street Acts & Teachers, UK

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