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Alan Clay's book 'Angels can Fly, a Modern Clown User Guide', includes 50 practical clown exercises, plus some theory on the art form, a fictional series following the experiences of ten clowns, and some anecdotes from clowns from all walks of life.

Angels Can Fly is now available in paperback, on order from bookshops in Australia, New Zealand, America and England and also available online. Get one by clicking this link . ( ISBN: 0957884419 )

Angels can Fly, was previewed at the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Conference in Geelong in March 2005, and was well received at it's launch at the Brisbane Writers Festival and in a recent tour of launch events in libraries in New Zealand and Australia. The clown workshops run in conjunction with these events were well attended and successful explorations of the clown art form.

"I have been very happy with the response to the book over the past six months." Alan explains. "It has already sold better than any of my other books, and sold in markets like England, which I have not previously reached."

"Around 70 copies of Angels Can Fly are now in libraries in Australia and New Zealand, including 17 copies in West Australian libraries, my first books to make it into Western Australia. Some libraries also have copies of the Angels Can Fly DVD."

You can find more information on the book, including excerpts from the exercises and anecdotes, on the Angels Can Fly Blog.

"Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years. Like any art form it has to evolve to stay relevant to the culture nurturing it, and at the same time, and by its very nature, clown teases and turns upside down the cultural patterns and boundaries around us.

"This book is an attempt to chart the growth of modern clown, and to promote that process by providing, not only practical exercises for individuals and groups, but also reference points for thinking.

"Angels can Fly includes a mix of fiction, following the adventures of ten clowns, some personal clown anecdotes from clowns from around the world, a total of 50 practical clown exercises, and some theory on the nature of modern clown."

Befitting this eclectic mix, the launch events will not only include readings from the book, and an opportunity for questions and book signing, but also a 15 minute clown show entitled the 'Seven Clown Commandments'.

"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and rituals of our days. It was funny, moving and excellent theatre."

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