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Alan Clay

Alan Clay

Performing Experience 

Alan5.JPG (10371 bytes)Since attending a clown school in Sweden in 1977, New Zealand born Alan Clay has taught and performed throughout Europe, England, Australia and New Zealand. He has performed extensively in the streets, in schools, at festivals and in theatres.

Alan has worked both as a solo performer and in several duos, including: ‘High Waves’, ‘The Untouchables’, and (with his teenage son) in ‘Snap and Crackle’. Alan has also performed in the ensembles: ‘Trunk Fools’ and ‘Playspace Theatre’.  Check out Alan's new site www.alanclay.com

1979             Trunk Fools, School & Club Tour of Fiji,

1979             Trunk Fools, Swedish High School Tour,

1978              Auckland Festival Comedy Seasons, NZ

1981             Nambassa Festival shows, New Zealand

1982             Outdoor Festival Tour, Holland and Denmark,

1984             Playspace Theatre, national New Zealand Tour

1985             Playspace Theatre Tour of Denmark & Holland

1987             Auckland Fringe Festival, NZ,

1989             Auckland Comedy Festival, NZ,

1995             Untouchables, Opera House and Rocks

1996             Untouchables, European Festival Tour

1997             Untouchables, Tour of New Zealand

1998             Snap and Crackle tour of European Festivals

1999             Love and Chaos Tour of Holland and Austria

2000            Snap and Crackle, Sydney shows, Manly, Rocks,

2001             Solo Show, Love and Chaos, Sydney Shows & NZ Tour

2002             Snap and Crackle, High School Shows, Australia

Teaching Experience

Alan started teaching clown in Oslo, Norway, in 1981 and 82, and subsequently taught workshops at festivals and arts centres in Germany and Denmark. During 1983 and 1984 he established Playspace Studio in Auckland.

"I would alert you to the very high quality of training and professional approach offered to participants at Playspace. The feedback from his first term of classes has been very encouraging, and his studio has become a hub of activity as a work-in-progress performance venue." Ron Rodger, Director, Auckland University Arts Centre, 1983.

Alan was subsequently invited to teach residencies at the Drill Hall Arts Centre in London, and the Aarhus Teatre Akademi , in Denmark, before settling in Adelaide in 1989, where he taught youth theatre and TAFE classes over three years.

From 1992 to 1999  Alan taught comedy and acting at the Actors Centre, Sydney, in addition to being Course Programmer.

"Alan has taught in the acting program for eight years, and the feedback from students was always positive - the students found him to be encouraging and supportive, and the always enjoyed attending his weekly classes." Liz Farmer, Administrator, Actors Centre. 1999.

In 1998 Alan re-established Playspace Studio in Newtown Sydney, where his classes have since attracted students worldwide . Check out the Clown Masterclasses.


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