Love and Chaos

loveandchaos.jpg (67528 bytes)A solo clown show by

Alan Clay

Love and Chaos takes the audience on a journey of failure and success, in the risky endeavour to balance in the midst of the chaos in the world.

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"In the best clown tradition Alan held up a window-mirror for us to step through and reflect on the patterns, habits and rituals of our days. It was funny, moving and excellent theatre."

The Show

‘Love and Chaos’ is a clown and circus performance, which takes the audience on a journey of failure and success, in the risky endeavor to balance in the midst of the chaos in the world.

With twenty-five years performing experience, since attending a clown school in Sweden in 1977, and with 20 years experience of teaching clown, Alan Clay has developed a unique, irreverent, modern Australian approach to the clown form.

In 1999 he created ‘Love and Chaos’ to showcase the emotional, interactive nature of clown work, and use the physicality of the circus to give the audience a powerful experience.

Performing History

‘Love and Chaos’ was premiered at the Festival of Modern Clown in Amsterdam in 1999, and has toured to festivals in Holland and Austria, and performed at seasons in Australia.

The show will tour to Canada for the first time in 2003. Love and Chaos has been performed at such varied events as the American Express Conference, the Linz Street Theatre Festival, and the Leura Flower Festival in Sydney.

wpeC.jpg (20107 bytes) Presentation

This show is flexible in the staging requirements. It requires a minimum stage area of 5 x 3 meters, and a height of 4 meters, but can be performed either on stage, or in an outdoor setting. Tape or CD sound track used. (Portable PA included for outdoor shows). Running time, 50 minutes.

Check out Alan Clay's 25 years of performing experience, including recent work with his son in the duo Snap and Crackle.

For the past five years Alan has run Playspace, Sydney's Physical Theatre Studio, where he teaches Clown Masterclasses.

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Love and Chaos

5 minute Promotional Video available

E-mail Alan Clay at loveandchaos@artmedia.com.au

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