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Physical Theatre

Wise Fools New Mexico (US)

Big One Little One (Australia)

Jonathan VanDyke (US)

Teatro Punto  (Netherlands)

Zen Zen Zo   (Brisbane)

DV8 Physical Theatre  (UK)

Bond Street Theatre    (New York)

Anomic Multimedia Theatre (UK)

T Daniels Productions (US)

Cirque Mechanics (US)

Shams Theatre  (UK)

Auckland Playback Theatre (NZ)

Pas de Dieux  (France)

Covert Theatre   (NZ)

Off The Rails (UK)

Slung Low  (UK)

Born In A Taxi  (Melbourne)

Tmesis Theatre (UK)

OzFrank - Frank Theatre  (Australia)

Legs On The Wall  (Australia)

Theatre Ad Infinitum  (UK)

Kage Physical Theatre  (Melbourne)

Pacitti Company (UK)

The Generating Company (UK)

Feet Theatre  (Melbourne)

Acorn-productions  (USA)

In Toto Theatre (UK)

Wellington Improvisation Troupe  (NZ)

Touch Compass    (Auckland)

SU-EN Butoh Company   (Sweden)

Theatre-Rites  (UK)

Highly Sprung Performance Co.  (UK)

Voodoo Vaudeville  (UK)

Proto-Type Theatre   (New York)

Moveo Teatro    (Spain)

Parallel Exit   (USA)

Full Beam Visual Theatre  (UK)

Micke klingvall    (Sweden)

Usanu Theatre  (UK)

Stranizza Theatre   (Macedonia)

Dislocate     (Aust)

Stolen Chair Theatre   (New York)

Theatre LOTE  (Aust)

Welfare-State International  (UK)

Voodoo-Vaudeville   (UK)

Dracula Triumphant  (Sydney)

Pants on Fire Theatre  (London)

Stone Crabs  (London)

Lume   (Brazil)

Stalker Theatre   (Sydney)

Headlines Theatre  (Vancouver)

Forced Entertainment  (UK)

London Toast Theatre   (Denmark)

Leo Bassi   (Italy)

Dzieci Theatre   (New York)

Expressive Feet    (Kent, UK)

Dragone Casting    (Belgium and Las Vagas)

erth     (Sydney)

Awestruck    (Melbourne)

desoxy theatre     (Melbourne)

Standstill Theatre   

Venus Attacks  (USA)

Green Fools    (Canada)

Horla      (UK)

Peter Sabroe Seminarium   (Denmark)


Ausdance SA (Adelaide)

Dance Aotearoa New Zealad (DANZ) (NZ)

Juliet Shelly (NZ)

Chisenhale Dance Space  (UK)

Rosie Kay Dance Company (uk)

DanceNZmade  (NZ)

Miss Chief Events  (NZ)

DanceXchange  (UK)

Kompany Malakhi    (UK)

Mau Productions  (NZ)

Footnote Dance  (Wellington, NZ)

Jasmin Vardimon Company  (UK)

Fire Fly Dance    (New York)

Dance 4   (UK)

Ascendance  (UK)

Aus Dance NSW   (Sydney)

Wise Moves Dance Co  (UK)

Body Cartography   (SF and NZ)

Northern Dance Network   (Auckland, NZ)

Matato'a   (Easter island, Chile)


Pantomime Pablo (Germany)

Pantomimes and Mimes  (Worldwide)

Mime Theatre Studio  (USA)

Mime Over Matter (USA)

Alithea Mime Theater    (USA)

Angry Mime    (Brisbane)

The World of Mime Theatre    (USA)

Antonio Rocha    (Brazil / USA)

Mime Bizot  (France)


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