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Espace Périphérique  (France)

Spectacle - an online journal of the Circus Arts 

Entertainment Assist (Australia)

The Dinosaur show  (Australia)

Clowns Without Borders (USA)

Newtown Theatre  (Australia)

Circ-Que-O (Europe)

Physical Theatre Facebook Group

International Dance Council CID (UNESCO)

High Performance  (UK)

Clowns Without Borders South Africa

University of Queensland (Aus)

Echelon Productions  (NZ, Australia)

BATS Theatre  (Wellington)

FNAS - National Federation of Street Arts(Italy)

International Museum Theatre Asia Pacific (Australia)

Weirder the Better (Australia)

Circostrada    (Europe)

Performing Lines   (Australia)

Jeunes talents cirque Europe  (EU)

Minneapolis Red White and Boom  (USA)

Augusto Boal Condolence Registry

International Dance Council CID (UNESCO)

International Performing Arts Network (IPAN) (France)

Salon Mondial du Cirque  (France)

Ruby's Place   (Australia)

Bobbys Big Top (USA)

TIE - Theatre in Education  (Australia)

Puppets in Melbourne   (Australia)

Ritz Entertainment (Pakistan)

Auckland City Council Funding. (NZ)

Blue Coat C of E Performing Arts College (UK)

Ausdance  (Australia)

Show Shop (NZ)

South Street Seaport (US)

SmartCity EU  (Europe)

The Bump in Project (Austraila)

Creative Capital Foundation  (US)

Jerry Snell Industries  (Asia)

Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA)  (Adelaide)

Circus Action International 

Fairground Theatre Company  (UK)

Marguerite Pepper Productions  (Australia)

Shop Front  (Australia)

Digital Media Centre  (UK)

Independent Street Arts Network  (UK)

The Performance Corporation  (Ire)

TIE - Theatre in Education  (Australia)

Rebel Clown Army     (Spain)

Rough Sketch Comedy Club  (Manchester)

Flip-Side Entertainment    (Nashville)

Gala Entertainment Management  

Aerial Lab  (Sydney)

NYC Physical Theatre Network   (USA)

Missfit Productions   (UK)

Films By Huey    (USA)

Human Garden Agency  (NZ)

Red Nose Relief   (USA)

Side Show World   (USA)

Clowns Without Borders    (France)

Perform Magazine   (UK)

Landschaps Theater   (Amsterdam)

H V Quenzer Agency   (USA)

Institute of Contemporary Arts    (Perth)

Ritz Entertainment  (Parkistan)

Missfit Productions (UK)

Magic Tricks Revealed

ArtsConnect   (Australia)

Clowns Playing Saws  (USA)

European Residencies Program    (EU)

Boulder Circus Center   (Colorado)

Red Nose Relief   (USA)

Happy Face Productions   (Canada)

Theatre Royal    (UK)

Sideshow World

Circus West   (Dubbo, NSW)

The Guy Who, DVD 

Total Theatre  (UK)


Chelsea Theatre   (UK)

Children of Hollywood  

Drama Play Shop  

Southeast Clown Association  (USA)

Blue Elephant Theatre  (London)

Pan Event Entertainment   (Syd/Melb)

Theatre of the Oppressed (Netherlands)

Clowns Without Boarders   (Sweden)

CB Projects   (UK)

Information and Cultural Exchange   (Aust)

Arts Hub   (Aust)

Australian Centre of Performing Arts   

Bats Theatre    (Wellington)

Grouchos Comedy    (USA)

Community Rites   (Queensland)

Shadow House PITS   (Canberra)

Brooklyn Lyceum Vaudeville Show  (New York)

Puppet Centre Trust   (London)

T. Myers Magic Web Store   (USA)

The Ideas Factory   (UK)

The Covert Theatre   (Auckland)

The Tiny Top   (Melbourne)

Mixedlollies.com   (Cairns)

Circus Shop     (Perth)

Gay Theatre Exchange  

International Drama in Education Assn  

Showexpress Agency   (Russia)

Gig Directory  (San Francisco)

Performing arts news   

Secrets of the circus    (training videos)

Rising Stars  (Ukraine)

Audrey II Rental Homepage  (Plant Puppets)

Euro-Festival Zine

NZ Association of Drama in Education

Hushvideos    (Books and videos)

The Mask Studio   (Mask making)

Independant Theatre Association     (Australia)

Clowns without Frontiers    (Canada)

Circus World Museum   (USA)

Entertainers Workshop   (New Orleans)

Kultnet     (Germany)

Rhoenrad   (Circus Wheel construction - Germany)

China Accrobats Association  



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