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Playspace Studio

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Total Theatre School    (Perth)

Alex Pinder Workshops  (Aus)

National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)    (Melbourne)

BodyWeather with De Quincey (Aus)

Jonathan Kay (UK)

Javier Tenias Workshops (Costa Rica)

YINdeYAN (Spain)

Accademia Dell'Arte (Italy)

Celebration Barn (Maine)

Academy of Circus Arts (UK)

Dzieci  (US)

Studio 303 (Canada)

Nomadic Academy of Fools (UK)

Zip Zap School of Circus Arts  (South Africa)

APT (Berlin)

H�likos (Italy)

Philadelphia School of circus Arts  (US)

Canberra Playback Theatre (Australia)

Hoopy Happenings (Sydney)

New Zealand School of Dance (Wellington)

La Scaletta Theatre School (Rome)

Roving Commedia University   (New York)

CircoArts   (Christchurch)

Johnny Melville Workshop (Barcelona)

Kit Summers Workshops (Worldwide)

New England Center for Circus Arts   (Vermont, USA) 

Philippe Genty Company  (France)

Minifest Summer School (UK)

Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre    (California)

KiM (Kosmos in Movement) (Berlin)

The School for Mime Theatre (Ohio, USA)

Sandglass Puppetry Workshop (US)

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Sweden)

Acting Power  (Sydney)

Clown Workshop with Jef Johnson (Mexico)

Giovanni Fusetti

The Why Not Institute   (London)

Francine C�t�  (Canada)

Circus Kumarani  (NZ)

PlayMoves  (Australia)

ARCAA (Australia)

Escola de Clown    (Barcelona)

Laban  (London)

Cardboard Citizens  (UK)

Flying Squirrel Consortium  (US)

Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (Italy)

Body Weather Amsterdam (ND)

International Clown Research Project  (UK)

Clown Conservatory   (San Francisco)

Body Weather (Aus)

Bont's International Clown School (Spain)

New England Center for Circus Arts   (Vermont, USA) 

Artsadmin Summer School  (UK)

Flying Heart Productions  (Australia)

Artistic New Directions  (US)

Family Entertainers Workshop  (US)

BBB Johannes Deimling  (Germany)

Inteatro Festival Academy  (Italy)

Actors Movement Studio  (US)

MARCO Trust  (NZ)

Academy of Circus Arts   (UK)

FAI AR (France)

Actors Gymnasium   (Illinois - USA)

Simply Circus Inc  (US)

Formaat  (Netherlands)

Circus Yoga  (US)

Mask Arts Company  (US)

The Generating Company  (UK)

Puppets in Prague  (Prague)

Escuela de Mimo    (Spain)

Peter Ercolano Workshops  (Italy)

la casa del tonto  (Argentina)

Dance Ireland (Ire)

Espana Streb Trapeze Academy  (US)

National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)    (Melbourne)

Gold Coast Arts Centre (Australia)

Clown Alley 44  (US)

The Pe�asco Theatre  (US)

Internat'l School of Corporeal Mime  (UK)

Circelation   (UK)

Skylight Circus Arts  (England)

Delbert Hall Aerial Rigging Seminars  (US)

Wellington Circus Trust   (NZ) 

Lunar Productions (UK)

Unique Sports Vacations (US)

The Urban Dolls Project (UK)

Outer Dance Project (UK)

NY Circus Arts Academy (US)

TSNY Beantown  (US)

i Fly.LI  (US)

Proper Job Theatre Company  (UK)

Cake Theatre Workshops  (UK)

Tooba Physical Theatre Centre  (Canada)

Queen Street Studio (Australia)

Lunar Circus  (Australia)

Flying Trapeze Australia  (Byron Bay)

Circus Magic  (USA)

Circus Day Foundation  (US)

Clown Vegas  (US)

Teatro Asura  (Madrid)

Fuddi-Duddy Institute  (US)

Institute of Canadian Clowning  (Canada)  

Espace Catastrophe

Animate Objects Physical Theater  (US)

The Bow WOW! Festival  (Australia)

Sturt Summer School   (Australia)

Forum Theatre Masterclass  (Netherlands)

The Circus Space    (UK)

Kentucky Clown Derby (USA)

Hawaiian Workshop (Hawaii, USA)

Makhampom (Thailand)

Theatre of the Ordinary  (Australia)

Lunar circus Summer School    (Western Australia)

Port Performance (Germany)

New York Goofs   (New York)

Studio For Physical Theatre    (Berlin)

Experimental Performance Institute    (USA)

New York Downtown Clown Review   (USA)

Trapeze-Experience    (USA)

Double Edge Theatre  (Massachusetts)

Mooseburger Caravan    (USA)

Trading Faces    (UK)

Escuela de Comedia    (Nicaragua)

Circus Day Foundation  (USA)

Stolen Chair Theatre   (USA)

ZIDLab  (Amsterdam)

Camp Winnarainbow  (USA)

Aloft Aerial Dance  (USA)

Group Moitara Mask Workshop   (Brazil)

Clown Courses   (Barcelona)

Michael Howard Studios   (New York)

International Director's Laboratory  (Kiev)

Showtech Australia  (Melbourne)

Commedia Dell Arte Training   (NY)

El Rayo Misterioso   (Spain)

The Circus Space  (London)

Burlesk Center   (Switzerland)

Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque  (Brussels)

Scuola Kiklos   (Italy)

DAH Theatre Research  (Serbia & Montenegro)

Nth American Cultural Laboratory  (NY State)

Factory of Clown  (Valencia, Spain)

Laboratory of Clown  (Bologna, Italy)

Le Centre du Silence Mime School  (Colorado, USA)

Benson Film Workshops & Actors Retreats  (USA)

Acrobatics & New Circus Arts   (Seattle, USA)

Norwegian Theatre Academy   (Fredrikstad)

Mooseburger Clown Camp   (USA)

Kit Summers Juggling   (USA)

Israel Circus School   (Israel)

Theatre de l'Ange Fou   (UK)

Circus Maniacs   (Bristol, UK)

Cirkidz    (Adelaide)

UCOL Theatre School   (Palmerston North, NZ)

Playspace, Sydney's
        Physical Theatre Studio

Playspace Physical Theatre Studio    (Sydney)

Aerialize   (Sydney)

Victorian College of the Arts    (Melbourne)

Flying Fruit Fly Circus School    (Albury, Wodonga)

Angry Mime Summer School    (Brisbane)

Santa Fe Project     (New Mexico, USA)

New Orleans School for Circus Arts    (USA)

Greenbelt Arts Center     (Maryland, USA)

Fantasic Space    (Vancouver)

Mime Centrum    (Berlin)

Teaterstudion    (Stockholm)

School After Theatre   (Moscow, Berlin, Italy, Oslo)

Netherlands Clown School     (Amsterdam)

School of Physical Theatre     (London)

Fellowships & Awards

Tanks Residency Program (Australia) 

Caroline Plummer Fellowship (NZ)

Cambridge University Drama Fellowship  (UK)

Australian Dance Awards


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