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Aerial Theatre

The Cabiri  (USA)

Air Born Aerial Arts  (USA)

Emerald City Trapeze (USA)

Leo and Yam (UK)

O-T-O Dance Inc.   (USA)

Air Dance Bernasconi  (USA)

Duo Pospelov   (Ukraine)

High Flying Circus Arts    (Melbourne)

Magik-Art_Trapeze    (USA)

dna Studio  (Canberra)

Circus Arts Institute    (USA)

Magik-Art Trapeze   (Canada)

Aerialize   (Sydney)

Expressive Feat Productions  (UK)

Exponential Aerial Theatre  (UK)

Olga Sidorova   (Australia)

Gemini Trapeze   (Vermont)

Trapeze-Costa Rica   (Costa Rica)

Trapeze Club   (New York)

Duo Vertigo   (England)

Street Performers

Tim Monley (Australia)

Ramshacklicious Street Theatre Company  (UK)

Von Trolley Quartet   (Austria)

Johan Wellton   (Sweden)

Judith Lanigan  (Aust)

Julz   (Sydney)

Big Rory   (Scotland)

Artis The Spoonman     (Seattle)

Timtim     (Melbourne)

Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz     (New York)

Clare Casey     (Byron Bay)

Hemlock    (Sydney)

Bike Boy     (Sydney)

Juggler Dave    (Ohio)

Master Lee     (New York)

Cowguys    (Ottowa)

Silly People     (Canada)

Davio     (Canada)

Lee Hayes     (Amsterdam)

Jivan   (Italy)

Musical Theatre

Guild Theatre   (Wollongong)

Image Theatre

Stretch Mk1     (Anywhere in the world) 

Puppet Theatre

Das Puppenspiel  (USA)

Puppetry Australia  (NSW)

Puppet Grinder Caberet  (London, UK)

Sticky Apple Legs   (Melbourne)

Mana Puppets    (QLD)

Visions Alive Puppets

Festivfactory    (Melbourne)

Knee High Puppeteers     (Adelaide)

Grego Musical Puppets   

Earth Celebrations     ( New York )

WiseFool     (California & New Mexico)


Youth Theatre

Oily Cart  (UK)

Next Gen Publications  (UK)

Ugly Shakespeare Company (New Zealand)

Kazzum  (UK)

Oily Cart  (UK)

CTC Theatre  (UK)

Outil Theatre   (France)


Szarka Duo  USA


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